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an impression of the new visitor centre

an impression of the new visitor centre

The Royal Mint’s new Visitor Centre will open to the public today.

Within a few minutes of opening, I bet the staff will be sick and tired of the questions about free samples.

Located in South Wales and not far off junction 34 of the M4, visitors to the Visitor centre will, for the first time,  be able to go behind the scenes at the world’s leading export mint and follow the journey of a coin, from ‘blank to a bank’. The guided Factory Experience will enable visitors to gain first-hand knowledge of the manufacturing journey and a series of static and interactive experiences will bring the 1,000 year-old organisation’s heritage to life.

It only produces the coins not the notes we use so, in the useum, you will see coinage through the ages including  some of the oldest and rarest coins that have ever been produced in the countries of the UK along with coins from Greek and Roman times. The museum which houses some 80,000 coins was founded only in 1816 so this year it celebrates its 200th birthday. Originally located in Tower Hill it moved to Wales only in 1980, thirty-six years ago.

As well as the coins, the collection contains over 12,000 medals, seals and plaster models that were made befored a commitment was given to minting coins  as well as designs including those that subsequently were used as well as those that were discarded for one reason or another.

The interactive exhibition consists of six zones:

  • Zone 1: The Royal Mint and the community –the origins, its link with the Tower of London and its move to Wales
  • Zone 2: The Royal Mint and the world –the coins and medals produced for over a 100 countries.
  • Zone 3: Making money – learn about the detailed processes in producing a coin
  • Zone 4: The other side of The Royal Mint –military, sporting and commemorative medals.
  • Zone 5: The meaning of coins – uncover the many different roles that coins play in everyday life.
  • Zone 6: Coins and collecting – discover more about the hobby of coin collecting.

Open daily 10am to 5:30pm, excluding 25-26 December and 1 January

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