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security checks everyone entering this Tunisian hotel

security checks everyone entering this Tunisian hotel

Tania Mathias, MP for Twickenham asked the Secretary of State for Transport last Thursday about the effect on the security of airports of security scanning all bags before they are allowed into an airport building. The government answer was “we do not currently assess that requiring all bags to be scanned at the entrance to airport building would be an effective and proportionate response, but we will continue to work with airports and the police to keep this and other possible measures under review.”

Here I am in Tunisia where hotels routinely have security guards at the gates to the hotel grounds. Even after you pass that there is a metal detector machine that you have to go through before you can get into the lobby. At the airports, your baggage has to be screened before you enter the airport building.

Walking out of the hotel area and along the beach, when I returned I was stopped to show my hotel room details before I could go further. He then rang through to reception to check that it was acceptabel for him to let me enter.

Given all this in Tunisia, you could say that security is tougher than at British airports and hotels. Yet still the British government hasn’t altered its advice on travel to the country. The “don’t travel there” information continues and all the big tour operators have withdrawn.

Is it that our government knows something about Tunisian security that they won’t reveal for obvious reasons or is it just procrastination on its part?If they do know something then nobody I have talked to here seems to be aware of anything.  Does the same knowledge or procrastination apply to travelling to Egypt where a similar “ban” applies?

Travel to Turkey is not under the same ban yet there have been attacks in Istanbul, Ankara and, as recently as three days ago, there was an attack on Bursa Ulu Mosque. Yet the advice on the Foreign and Commonwealth travel advice website is just to be “vigilant.”

After the answer given to Ms Mathias should the Tunisians issue a blanket ban on their nationals travelling to the UK because security isn’t as tight as it is in Tunisia?

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