The tube rules that really matter

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The low-down on London Underground etiquette


So a ‘standing-only’ escalator trial has begun at Holborn Tube station this week, with commuters being asked not to walk up two of the station’s escalators in a bid to reduce congestion.

However the ‘standing only’ trial  – which goes against London Underground convention for customers to stand on the right of escalators, allowing others to walk on the left – hasn’t had the smoothest of starts. Rather most Londoners have chosen to ignore the rule and opt to walk up the escalators as usual.

Not that we Londoners are a disobedient bunch. Every Londoner dweller knows that there’s an underground etiquette that demands to be observed. For the benefit of tourists and out-of-towners, JAT reveals the 10 tube rules that really matter

will we ever see 24 hour running?

* Let passengers off the tube before you board

* Be polite and always offer a pregnant woman your seat – providing you’re certain she is “with child”

* Pregnant? Those ‘baby on board’ badges were invented for a reason. Please wear one so to avoid any awkwardness and confusion

* Move down the aisle. Which part of the driver’s “please move down the carriage” announcement, don’t you understand?

* Check your oyster card balance/have your contactless credit card ready, before reaching the ticket barrier. Londoners are always in a rush…

* Play your music too loudly. You’re on the tube – not in a club

* Ditto when it comes to talking on the phone: no one wants to know what you’re doing for dinner that night

* Try to make small talk on the tube. This is London: we don’t do familiar

* Read newspapers, texts, WhatsApp messages, emails etc over a fellow passenger’s shoulder. It’s just rude.

* Eat on the tube. Ok, a packet of crisps or a sneaky sandwich is acceptable when you’ve been held (yet again) at a red signal but avoid tucking into anything hot or smelly. A packed train is not the place to enjoy your dinner.




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