Customer service declines?

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Liverpool where customer service standards rose

Liverpool where customer service standards rose

For the last few years, the booking site, Hotel Info has looked at quality of service in hotels something which we travellers consider paramount when deciding to re-book.

The results for the last twelve months are out and in the UK it appears that those working in accommodation suppliers in Liverpool achieved the highest rankings with a calculated score of 8.38 points. I mention the precise score because the second placed city was Cardiff at 8.37 which is a sliver of a whisker behind and Sheffield, in third was 8.36.

Last year, Sheffield was in first place with 8.62 so is it possible that service levels are falling? Is that the people who stayed in these places and left between them some 2 million comments are becoming more discerning and better able to qualify hotels? Ratings have been around for more than a few years now and those who regularly complete them will obviously be getting more experienced in how to rate.

Edinburgh has dropped from 8.25 to 8.22 but, on the other hand, Manchester has improved to 8.01 and London has improved from 7.73 to 7.84 – still a long way behind the service we get in Liverpool.

Coventry gets the lowest ratings of the cities surveyed garnering just a score of 6.94 which is a drop over 2014.

How does the rating system work? After their departure using a point system (0 to 10). Apart from criteria such as room quality and value for money, other services, such as the friendliness and expertise of the staff, can be rated there. Ratings are rounded to two decimal places. Given that the results are based on two million reviews, travellers can be reasonably confident that the results reflect what a lot of us think. Yes, it only covers those people that use this one site rather than the population as a whole but the sheer number should balance out any quirks in the ratings.

I come back to the key question. Are customer service standards dropping? This suggests that they are considering that we are comparing like with like over two years. Unfortunately, we probably need another year or two of ratings to see if it is a long term trend rather than an aberration.

Just about Travel finds this concerning. After decades of people preaching customer service, awards being launched by bodies like the Institute of Customer Service, improvements should be seen not declines.

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