Should the travel industry comment?

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We'll still take holidays regardless of which way we vote

We’ll still take holidays regardless of which way we vote

The potential risks and uncertainty of leaving Europe outweigh any advantages from a travel perspective, said an ABTA report. Based on economic analysis by Deloitte, the report highlights concerns about the impact of years of uncertainty following an exit and how this could affect the strength of the pound.

Those attending the annual WTM Connect Ski conference in Otztal, Austria, heard the industry say that there was a short-term risk to sterling and a long-term consequence of Britain no longer being a member of the EU which would have a negative impact on the ski industry.

Will either of these comments have any impact with voters? Both seem to suggest that leaving the EU will mess up something most hold sacred – the holiday.

Just about Travel offers no view on leaving or staying in the EU. It is for the individual to decide and that decision will be made by different people for different reasons. What we object to is the pro and anti stances that are being taken which seem to rely on scare forcasting.

As no country has left the EU before, no guidance can be provided as to the effects. All the releases from different groups are based on models by people who have probably never modelled this before.

If we vote to stay in, everything will probably stay much the same. If we vote to leave, industry – including the travel industry – will work its little cotton socks off to make sure that their businesses work just as they did before the vote. The EU and the UK governments will probably work to ease our leaving because each needs the advantages the other brings.

Our holidays may cost a little more due to fluctuations in sterling but that happens at the moment. Holidays cannot cost a great deal more or less because we provide too many visitors (and for visitors read cash) to too many EU countries so they cannot afford to price us out of their markets.

So don’t be swayed by what industry says. They don’t know what the effect might be any more than you do.

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