How Visit Britain and Visit England will work together

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Sally Balcombe  ©  Visit Britain,

Sally Balcombe © Visit Britain,

Following the announcement a little while ago that the two bodies will work together, Sally Balcombe from the British Tourist Authority has explained how things will work in practice.

She says, “We are working to ensure that both Britain and England activity is focused and aligned, redeploying resources and driving efficiencies to invest in front line activities.” The budgets for each are ring-fenced so that one budget can’t be used for the other which was one of the issues that has been mentioned by those concerned with how this leaves Visit Scotland, Visit Wales and the Northern Irish part of Tourism Ireland. Balcombe also confirmed that there will be “distinct activities to develop and market English tourism.”

Balcombe concluded by saying, “We look forward to working with you to ensure we deliver the best outcomes for both England and Britain.” But is that the best for Visit Scotland Visit Wales and Northern Ireland?

Nonetheless, the two promotional bodies will share resources and some staff. The two bodies are going to have to be very careful that nothing they do which is shared will appear to give a benefit to Visit England over the other national tourism bodies. If that is perceived for a split second, there will be shouting and the parliaments in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh will scream bias. Will Visit England, therefore, lose out on any benefits by amalgamating certain back stage roles, because Visit Britain will bend over backwards to make sure that the arrangement will be whiter than white?

This is a simple way to remove the bias. The same backstage benefits should be offered to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so that they can have the same opportunity as Visit England will have.


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