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the welcoming whale arch in Whitby where accommodation customer satisfaction levels run highest

the welcoming whale arch in Whitby where accommodation customer satisfaction levels run highest

LateRooms.com has analysed those who used their site to book hotel rooms in 2015 to see which places received the best guest satisfaction scores.

According to the company, B&B’s in Yorkshire have, on average, received the best guest satisfaction scores. The county (yes I know there are now three but Yorkshire is an entity to most people) has the highest number of top-rated properties in the UK. BY top rated the company means places that have received a rating higher than 80% across all reviews.

When the individual scores for hotels, B&B’s and guesthouses are aggregated into cities, towns and villages, then Yorkshire places appear four times in the top 20.Whitby, Harrogate, Scarborough and York all score an average hotel review rating of more than 87%.

Whitby’s hotels have the highest score in the UK for guest satisfaction, with an average guest review score of 92%, with Torquay (91%) and Keswick (89%) named in second and third places. B&Bs score an average guest review rating of 90%, followed by luxury hotels and boutique hotels are close behind with average satisfaction scores of 87% and 85% respectively.

Countryside and coastal properties outranked city centre accommodation when it came to guest review scores, with properties in the countryside scoring 86.8% on average, in comparison to 79.9% amongst their city-based counterparts.

Readers will be aware that that these scores should come with some health warnings. Firstly, they only reflect people who use LateRooms.com which may not be representative at all and, secondly, that online reviews are known not to be entirely truthful in some cases.

Nonetheless, some questions worth asking include what do Yorkshire accommodation providers do better than anywhere else to encourage such customer satisfaction, why does city centre accommodation do less well compared to rural and seaside places why B&B’s outperform hotels?

I can’t suggest an answer for the first query but, as for the others, hoteliers in city centres have a greater pool of visitors to draw upon and may not work as hard to convince customers to return. The laws of supply and demand probably mean that customers have nowhere else to go at certain times. As for B&B’s having higher scores, I am guessing that because the owner is on the premises, they can appear friendlier and are able to go the extra mile whilst company owned accommodation employees cannot stray too far from company guidelines.

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