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the most obvious Parisian symbol

the most obvious Parisian symbol

Visitor numbers to France, and particularly Paris, have dropped this November and December largely as a result of the terrorist activity in November.

To combat this, the tourist board will launch a campaign that has two messages. The first is obviously to encourage more of us to visit the country especially Paris. The second is by way of a thanks to all those people around the world who demonstrated, send messages of support and showed France that others cared. The memory of the French National Anthem being played at so many sporting events is one not easily forgotten. People still remark that they felt French that day. You might remember Frederic’s comment in his regular contribution, “Letter from France” – Thank you, to all of you. Don’t let barbarians change us and may we keep on living as usual! That last comment should apply to wherever we are in the world.

Much of the promotion will be on social media using the has tag #ParisWeLoveYou and the message will be “Paris will always be Paris.” A dedicated website – Parisweloveyou.fr – will invite people to share photos that illustrate their own feelings for Paris and, thanks to social networking, thus create a collective momentum to promote the city. Many of these photos will then be used to cover a giant object in a symbolic corner of Paris.

France hopes to attract 100 million tourists by 2020 and this campaign will remind travellers that Paris is still a city that is proud to welcome visitors from all over the world.

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