Activity holiday takers stay in the UK

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salmon fishing in Pembrokeshire - why is it that there is less activity holiday taking abroad?

salmon fishing in Pembrokeshire – why is it that there is less activity holiday taking abroad?

Although the number of activity holidays being taken by us has hardly grown in the last few years, two features come out of a new report on them by Key Note Publications.

The research company estimates that domestic activity holidays accounted for 66.4% of all activity holidays taken in 2014 so the obvious question is why aren’t we don’t take more activity holidays abroad? Is the appeal largely to those that prefer to holiday in the UK in which case domestic destinations and attractions should leap in and try and corner as much of this market as possible? Whatever the answer,

Given that key Note says that the UK population is expected to rise between 2017 and 2037 from 63.7 million to 73.3 million, representing a rise of 15.1%, then this will only be a growing opportunity.

But, as we are all aware, over this period, it is also forecast that the population of older citizens is set to increase as well. For those providing activity holidays such as boating and fishing holidays, this is good news as well as since these are typically more popular with elderly consumers. Key Note is forecasting that these companies can look forward to somewhat of a bonanza in the coming years. Other types of activity holidays, however, which are in some cases somewhat more energy-intensive, may well require additional outreach efforts towards the elder generations.

The company suggests that those existing companies that concentrate on the younger market should consider widening their appeal and catering for older age groups as, not only does this group have more disposable income, but they are also open to taking on new interests and activities. Whereas aging once meant that people become set in their ways, that might become an old wife’s tale in the future!


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