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jet 2 will provide the larger bins according to Boeing

jet 2 will provide the larger bins according to Boeing

Since airlines started charging for luggage being placed in the hold, people have been trying to place as much in the overhead bins as possible. We all know that that leads to some people having to have their carry-ons removed to the hold because the bins get full. Most airlines have responded by reducing the size of bags that you take on board British Airways for example) or having weight restrictions. (such as Virgin Atlantic, Flybe and Aer Lingus.)

Passengers – ok, not British passengers – will welcome the fact that one airline has redesigned its overhead bins so that passengers are helped. Alaska Airlines have introduced more space on its new Boeing 737-900 planes which means that an extra sixty bags can be accommodated in the overhead space. Given that this plane carries 181 passengers it means that every that there is a third more extra space per passenger.

It does come at a price and those especially tall will be the ones to suffer because an extra two inches of headroom space has been taken up by the bigger bins. For the rest of us, this is a bonus.

If Boeing have redesigned this space for an American airline, what chance is that we might see it on airlines in Europe? The good news, according to Being, is that two European airlines are urcasing the new bins and one is Jet 2, the other being Air Europa which does land at our airports as well.Ryanair is one of the largest users of Boeing planes in Europe and they are becoming increasingly customer friendly so there might be a chance. easyJet uses Airbus planes in the main and their luggage space is larger anyway than Boeing plane equivalents. That leaves the tour operators and the charter flights, airlines like Monarch, Thomson, Thomas Cook, and Pegasus.

Airlines pay to have hold luggage placed on planes and then must pay again to have the luggage removed at the destination. On top of that they face costs and compensation if baggage goes missing so it is in their best interests to have as much luggage as possible with the passenger on board the planes. That way, it is the passengers fault if anything goes missing and they will save money for paying for less baggage to be loaded into the hold. In a perfect world, they want no hold luggage at all unless it is all paid for and is profitable rather than just covering costs.

In the meantime, will any European airlines join the example of Alaska Airlines, Air Europa and Jet 2 and give us more space?

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