A record year for Sri Lanka

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sri-lanka-17This year Sri Lanka has already seen over a million people visit its shores. But unlike many tourist boards it has admitted mistakes. It has also been fairly clever at garnering publicity.

Tourist boards must be smarter and smarter to gather headlines for the destination. The tourist board in Sri Lanka managed it by making an attempt on the world record for the largest tea party. In Kandy, they managed to serve 35,000 cups using, of course, Ceylonese tea. 3,000 kilograms of tea had been plucked from the San Pedro Estate in order to provide the tea. There were a number of overseas visitors who contributed to this record including Brits who are important to the Sri Lankan economy. In the first six months of 2015, 72,800 Brits visited the country making us the number one country based on the amount per head that we spend visiting Sri Lanka.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Dr. Athukorala who is head of the tourism authority, said Sri Lanka had neglected Europe in favour of China and although visitor numbers have risen, spend has not The tourist board is targeting tourists who will spend on average about $250 per night. That means a concentrated push for more UK and other Europeans to visit the country because we tend to spend more whereas Indian and Chinese visitors travel in greater numbers but spend less.

It is also targeting the flourishing cruise market and, considering that only 22 cruise ships visited the country in 2014 and 40 so far this year, it could attract a lot more given that over 1,000 cruises are scheduled to ply Asian waters in 2016.

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Expect your local travel agent to push the country for 2016 as the tourist board has ambitious plans for tourism growth.

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