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the museum, striking oytside but inside... a pertrolhead's dream

the museum, striking outside but inside… a petrolhead’s dream

This year is the 130th anniversary of the two-wheel car by Gottlieb Daimler which, a year later, was followed by the four-wheeled car patented by Carl Benz. Their achievements are showcased at the Mercedes Benz Museum just outside Stuttgart is southern Germany.

For a start the outside of the museum is striking. It has been designed as a double helix with a path linking the two. The rooms inside take the visitor through, in chronological order, the development of cars, buses and any motorised transport with which Mercedes-Benz has been connected.

For those who have been to the Mercedes-Benz building at Brooklands near Woking, this is similar but much, much bigger.

For car lovers, the museum is a bit like the holy grail for there are different vehicles catalogued here including 180 models to drool over.

In one room you’ll find a 1901 model that rose to fame in the Nice Race Week. Since then Mercedes-Benz has been involved with F1, race trucks and other racing exploits. Today it continues with the successful Lewis Hamilton Mercedes combination in F1 which saw Hamilton world champion in 2014 and leading the drivers’ championship ( at the time of writing) in 2015.

In another on the nine-storey building there is a hands-on area where you can try designing your own Mercedes And then you can saunter over to the new car area where you’ll find 130. But not for sale

But go to Fellbach where Mercedes-Benz carries out repairs, restoration and maintenance on cars and you can buy a classic Mercedes – if you have deep-enough pockets.   They only deal with cars that are more than 20 years old so a new car-buyer would be disappointed. But if you fancy a 300 SL gullwing…

All around Southern Germany, you will find Mercedes links. At Schorndorf is the house where Daimler was born; at Ladenburg to the east is where Benz was born, both buildings being museums today. The town also houses a museum named after Benz. Further afield the droooling can continue if you visit the Museum of Historical Maybach Vehicles in Neumarkt where you’ll see 16 luxurious and quite rare Maybach vehicles.

If you visited the National Motor Museum in Hampshire, the Mercedes trail in southern Germany should be your next mission.


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