Dutch light festivals

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part of the light show from last winters' show Image © www.amirinia.com

part of the light show from last winters’ show
Image © www.amirinia.com

As the days grow shorter, the autumn becomes the time for light shows. Just about Travel has looked at some of those in France before, but what of other countries?

Take the Netherlands for example. the advantage for us is that it is easy to get to as almost every regional airport has direct links into Amsterdam where fast trains can take you around. They have two big shows over the autumn months.

In Eindhoven from the 7-14th of November, the annual GLOW light art festival takes place. Dozens of light artists give Eindhoven’s city centre an electric makeover. During the festival façades and public spaces are lit up. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors are led through the city centre by the most varied, fascinating and unusual light projections. Over the years, the GLOW Light Art Festival in Eindhoven has been awarded many prizes for the original and innovative way artists, designers and architects literally put the city in a new “light”.

Later in the month in Amsterdam starting on the 27th of November and running all the way through until the start of February is the Amsterdam Light Festival, where the best light artists from Holland and around the world light up the city’s canals with their work. The festival is the result of a joint venture between the cultural institutions, the municipality, academic institutions and businesses in Amsterdam. When visiting Amsterdam last winter, Reza posted some images of last year’s festival.

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