Why isn’t Marmite on the list?

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Marmite_500g_450_tcm28-293449In these days when almost any cuisine can be found in popular holiday destination, the Co-op says that we still tend to take food parcels with us when we holiday.

Now I have taken tea bags when travelling to the US and I know of people who have taken tins of baked beans and jars of Marmite into the Middle East but would you take protein powder? That is the final item of the list of top twenty that has been compiled by the Co-op.

It may surprise none of you that tea is the top food stuff taken followed by instant coffee, sweets, biscuits and bottled water. Incidentally Marmite doesn’t appear at all so I am not sure that we should necessarily trust this list to be accurate.

And surely the Co-op can’t just categorise sweets all together? Are we talking about dolly mixtures, liquorice all sorts, wine gums or Mars bars? The sixth item on the list is chocolate but couldn’t this be considered as a sweet as well? As for biscuits, I could quite understand bourbons or hob-nobs but biscuits might just mean shortbread because they always seem to sell to sell shortbread as multi-buys in airport duty free shops.

According to the Co-op, more than two thirds of Brits admit to packing food and drink items in their suitcases when travelling abroad, with 58% of claiming it’s to avoid succumbing to extortionate prices found in foreign supermarkets for British brands. In the future that may change given the tightening up of hand and hold luggage weight restrictions.

Returning from abroad we bring chocolate as well and sweets but this time the sweets are categorised as boiled ones. This is obviously because boiled sweets are totally unavailable in this country. Go into any sweet shop and you will notice the shelves completely devoid of boiled sweets – apart from the first rack. And the second and so on. Surely these sweets have just been bought for a diversionary suck on the journey? Some airlines still give you boiled sweets to suck to help avoid your ears popping as the lane takes off or lands. Could it be that some passengers have just pocketed these?

This research just raises more questions than it answers!

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