Who cruises?

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2015 Main CRUISE Image MidFrom CruiseCritic, a company owned by TripAdvisor, comes some research derived from its own website that might surprise a few.

Firstly it claims that two thirds of cruisers are below the average retirement age and a quarter responding are below 35 and secondly, 95% of respondents claim that reviews are important or very important in helping them to decide which cruise to book.

The survey was only run across the CruiseCritic website so obviously the results are biased to those people and their views using that website. Admittedly it is a popular site for those interested in cruises but is it representative of the state of the market as a whole?

It cannot be because people who use the website are more savvy about where to go for cruise information than first timers. They may never have come across their website but have attended one of the cruise shows that are held or from visiting a travel agent or have seen a newspaper or magazine article.

The other problem with online surveys is that they attract people who are comfortable with technology rather than not. Many people are not so the results get skewed. That could explain why the number of people under 35 is so highly represented because, speaking to different cruise companies, that doesn’t appear to match their figures although the age of cruisers is becoming younger.

The same applies to the fact that the site claims that 95% of people think that reviews are important in decision making. If you are on a review site what else are you likely to say?Should we even take into account the 21% of those people who completed the survey and admitted that they had never been on a cruise? The site doesn’t say whether it removed these responders before analysing the rest of the data. If they didn’t then the results may be more biased than I first thought. The company doesn’t tell us how it analysed the results.

So all-in-all another survey that could be as unhelpful as dehydrated water.

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