Holidays under attack

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the cartoon I collected from a dustbin a few years ago. Tunisians will be hoping we still the country and want to holiday there.

the cartoon I collected from a dustbin a few years ago. Tunisians will be hoping we still love the country and want to holiday there.

That innocent holidaymakers were attacked by a gunman is not new. That a country and its people who heavily rely on tourism for jobs and economic security are concerned about their future is not new either.

Tourism is a soft target for any crazed group or individual because how do you protect every holidaymaker? The glib answer is that no-one should holiday where there is a chance of any danger. But is there such a place? There have been attacks in France and USA as well as in the UK, not necessarily on tourists but on innocent bystanders. Even the congregation of churches and mosques have been targeted.

In Sousse, some three and a half thousand people will have returned home by tonight out of about 20,000 British that are there. There are also Irish, Germans and many other nationalities holidaying in this very popular resort. At this time of year, holidaymakers significantly outnumber locals. Will there be more attacks? The British Foreign Office says it is safe that there is a likelihood of further attacks but then they would, wouldn’t they because the simple fact is no-one knows whether a single gunman or a group will strike again.

In Sousse some people were back on the beaches after the attacks. Greater security had been promised for the tourist areas but, as is common after such an atrocity, some people said there was greater security and some said there was none. Tunisians are probably studying the way that Egypt has coped with random attacks on tourists there. The Red Sea resorts are well policed and relatively safe. Visible tourist police can be seen and tourists continue to arrive and holiday safely. But in Cairo and Luxor where it is more difficult to police, tourism has yet to return to the levels before the fall of President Mubarek.

Sousse and other beach resorts in Tunisia can be “policed off” to keep tourists as safe as is ever possible these days by following the Egyptian example.

In epressing sympathy to the relatives of those that died, those that sufferered injuries and those that suffered mentally, what shouldn’t happen is that any country or destination should be branded a tourism no-go area otherwise the individuals and groups who mercilessly embark on this terror will have won.

Years ago, after the Arab spring brought about change in Tunisia, I came across a hand drawn cartoon that had been discarded in a dustbin. Tunisians will be hoping we still love the country and want to holiday there this summer.

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