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Taylor Swift is the biggest promoter of New York that there has ever been?

Taylor Swift is the biggest promoter of New York that there has ever been?

You must have lived in seclusion this week to have avoided the public spat that the singer Taylor Swift had with Apple over fees not being paid to recording artists. Swift won.

Swift’s relations with another Apple – the Big Apple, the city of New York are much, much better. She is an unpaid, proclaimer of the city.

Not a New Yorker by birth, she found, she said, that New York was “bright, bold and loud” and that suited her. She felt the urge to live there and after a year of looking, found an apartment in the Tribeca area of Manhattan. her infatuation with the city became a song about it.

During her house search, at one of those promotional events that celebrities attend, she had met people from the promotional and tourist arm of New York City, NY & Company. When the song was completed she had asked them across to her apartment and played it to them seeking their opinion. That song became “Welcome to New York” and is on the 1989 album which has now sold over 4.5 million copies and was the fastest selling album for twelve years when it was launched last year.

How would you like a song written about your destination to have reached 4.5 million people, some of whom would never have thought of the city as a place they might have wanted to visit?

She uses that song to headline her current tour so in Glasgow last night she sang it. When she plays in Hyde Park tomorrow, 60,000 people will hear her sing about New York as will those at her concerts in Dublin early next week. NY & Co must be astonished and delighted that a star of her appeal and influence is promoting their destination.

If they had to pay for this sort of publicity, NY & Company would go broke. But Taylor Swift hasn’t been paid a cent. She has, in fact, donated the profits of the song to help children in New York’s public schools.

From the lyrics of that song at least 72 million people who follow her on social media now this about New York,

“Like any great love
It keeps you guessing
Like any real love
It’s ever changing
Like any true love
It drives you crazy”

Currently Swift is close to the Glaswegian born DJ, Calvin Harris. Now if only Glasgow’s tourist officials could get her to write a song about how great Glasgow is…

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