Carry-on baggage turnaround

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a new sized bag with the Cabin OK logo. But now it won't be mandatory

a new sized bag with the Cabin OK logo. But now it won’t be mandatory

Only a week or so ago, Just about Travel covered the new size carry-on baggage recommendation sizes from IATA. A week later it was scrapped.

Largely due to a very frosty reception from some airlines such as American, Delta and United as well as passenger protests, IATA has withdrawn its recommended sizes despite the fact that some airlines had already signed up to it. That is how many newspapers and media recorded the fact but IATA has said no such thing. What it has said is that it has “paused” it and will re-assess it.

This means it doesn’t want to say that it got it wrong and that it didn’t have all of its airline members signed up to the idea before it went public with it. The Cabin OK system will remain but as a guideline not as something that has been adopted.

Will a re-think mean changes at a later stage? After the week of prolonged attacks – principally in the US – about the idea I think it might quietly be forgotten about.

Which still leaves the problem of those overhead locker spaces. In the past airline manufacturers have expanded the space so can they develop even larger spaces in which to fit baggage? It surely cannot be beyond the whit of people who design such complex systems to come up with something better.

In the meantime, the only people who will be upset will be IATA and luggage manufacturers who won’t be making bigger profits. And those passengers who cause the problem in the first place by trying to take the kitchen sink with them when they fly!

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