Magaluf mayhem

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the beach at Magaluf - not a whiff f anti-social behaviour here.

the beach at Magaluf – not a whiff f anti-social behaviour here.

Although a ban on drinking in the streets came into force at night in Magaluf on the 9th of June, a week later and it doesn’t seem to have been widely accepted or widely enforced. This is the umpteenth attempt to try and reduce the laddish culure that has grown up in the Majorcan resort.

The new rules say that drinking on the streets will be banned between 10pm and 8am, shops will be prohibited from selling alcohol after midnight and urinating in the street or being naked in public will incur a minimum fine of €750. That fine also applies to those encouraging either act.

It has become a little industry in itself but no those that organise pub crawls have to guarantee “the wellbeing and enjoyment of tourists and locals,” whatever that means. Those involved in the pub crawls either as organisers or being guided must be limited to just twenty and all must wear clothes that can easily identify them as being involved with the crawl.

No other Spanish resort has introduced such rules but then no other resort has to put up with such behaviour. Will the new rules work? At first glance they aren’t but it could be that both partygoers and the authorities are seeing what reactions each side will adopt.

The authorities have tried a number of different crackdowns on loutish behaviour in the past but none has really worked. Could that be due to the fact that the revellers bring a lot of money into the local economy and the authorities fear that they might lose it if they are too strict? They have to be seen to be doing something by the locals who re-elect them to their positions of power but the balancing act between what residents what and what visitors will accept before they move on elsewhere is a fine one.

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