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one of many of the pubs in Portland from which you can get local beers

one of many of the pubs in Portland from which you can get local beers

As have written before, Portland in the US state of Oregon, prides itself and encourages local produce. This is carried through to the food and drink used in restaurants and hotels.
Wines from the local area are well-respected but in the last few years it is beer that has been a major concentration. Having tasted one or two on previous visits (all right it might have been more than that) I can vouch for the quality of what they brew. This has resulted in an increase in the number of beer festivals being held in the city over the summer months to complement those about food. For those of  you that might be planning to visit the west coast of the United States here are some that you might want to add to your list of things to do.
Already underway (it started yesterday) is Portland Beer Week which lasts until the 21st of June. It doesn’t take a maths degree to work out that the “week” lasts a bit longer than that. The beer may be having its effect already! Added to that you can combine it with the fruit Beer festival which is held this coming weekend.
From the 26th until the 28th of June, Portland holds its International Beerfest where two hundred beers from sixteen different countries can tempt you palate. Because of its location on the western coast of the United States, you can expect to see some Asian brews that you might not readily see over here in Europe.
July is Oregon Craft Beer Month and giving you a good idea of just how many brewers there are just in Portland, let alone the state as a whole, forty of them have joined together for the very first Portland Craft Beer Festival which runs from the 3rd until the 5th of July. This is also the month when the biggest celebration is held, the 28th annual Oregon Brewers festival which takes place from July 22nd until the 26th.  I should also mention the North American Organic Brewers festival which, this year is being held in Portland. There will be cider and meed as well as braggot – an unusual brew to find at many festivals – on hand for you to sample.
Finally let me mention a festival where beer and cheese – two favourite items mix – the Portland beer and Cheese Festival to be held on the 21st of June. There will be ten craft beers and “experts” will be on hand to suggest which cheeses go best with them.

Personally I find I often disagree and make my own selection s but that might work just for me. But isn’t that the fun of these festivals. That and trying new beers.

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