Grits are edible

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the grits that Jack makes

the grits that Jack makes

For about thirty years I have been a regular visitor to the southern states of the United States. At almost every hotel at which I have stayed over the years grits has been on the breakfast menu and I have tried them time and time again.

They were tasteless. What on earth possessed Americans to eat this strange concoction that had all the elements of thick wallpaper paste and, to my mind, probably tasted as bad.

I had tried then awash with sugar. I had tried them drenched with honey. I had put salt and pepper on them to the extreme. I had tried tabasco and chili sauce but all they tasted of was whatever I had doused them with.

Nothing worked.

Jack of the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, persuaded me one Sunday morning to try them again after I had told him there were other things that I had to do with my life rather than waste it trying to make sense of this gloop.

and Jack himself

and Jack himself

One more try I allowed myself as I listened to his persuasive spiel. He takes the corn and fries it with an alcohol of his choosing but any spirit would do he said. It just depends on your own individual tastes. He then serves it with buttered prawns in a garlic butter and with a serving of biscuits (read “scones” for “biscuits”) covered with a good helping of sausage sauce and a sausage patty.

Whether it was the alcohol, whether it was Jack’s cooking; whether it was because I was peckish, or whether it was due to serendipity but the gloop was tasty and enjoyable.

I went back for seconds.

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