The British impact on Cuba

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Cuba wants more holidaymakers from the UK

Cuba wants more holidaymakers from the UK

The Cuban Tourism Minister, Manual Marrero, has announced that the number of tourists visiting Cuba has increased by 15% (three million international visitors in 2014) in the last year. He explained that the majority of visitors are from Canada, Chile, China, Switzerland, Colombia and Uruguay, but there is also major growth shown by visitors from Venezuela, Germany, Italy, Canada and Chile, as well as a 44% increase in repeat visitors.

British companies have initiated several agreements to invest over $400 million in Cuba in agriculture, energy and – of course – tourism.  Approximately 150,000 Britons visit Cuba every year to enjoy the beaches, the food and the culture as well as seeing a country that will probably change dramatically in the future now that relations with the USA are being normalised.

The private sector in Cuba is planning to take advantage of the future growth as a result of these improved relations with the opening of new high quality restaurants and lodgings with a continuing increase in room rentals, reportedly to be by 11,000 homeowners. A range of hotels is planned covering basic, intermediate and luxury accommodation is planned as well.

For an island nation, it will come as no surprise to just about travel readers when I tell you that the emphasis for the next year will be on marine sports and water activities. Expect to see promotions emphasizing different beaches, diving, fishing and boating activities when campaigns break this year. To give you an example, the first hotel was opened in Jardines del Rey in 1993. Today, just twenty-two years later, it is one of the main tourist attractions in Cuba because of its 2,500 cays and islands and even more redevelopment is planned.




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