Are you a Reward Hunter?

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One of the big airline booking systems – Amadeus – and the Future Foundation have got together to try and deduce what types of travellers there might be in 25 years from now.
This sort of research s always fun, firstly to see if it is credible and secondly to judge if you fit into one of the groups that they have developed.
The duo say that by 2030 , some people will purchase and consume travel experiences almost entirely on the basis of how shareable they are, or how much ‘capital’ they generate, via social networks. Another group of travellers will demand total simplicity and freedom from having to arrange their own travel by 2030, wanting as much as possible to be done remotely, by third parties. At the same time, a

Perplexed © Dan Sperrin

Perplexed © Dan Sperrin

group will emerge with a desire for only the most hedonistic, indulgent and must-have experiences.
That seems to suggest good news for the travel agencies from  at least one group but I can’t really believe that there will be a new group of people who will only holiday in order “share” or “capitalise” on where they have been. Isn’t this just “keeping up with the Jones” and being one-up over friends and neighbours?
Whatever you might think the duo have come up with six groups – or rather the Future Foundation has. These are; (along with descriptions that they have given them)
* Social Capital Seekers will structure their holidays almost exclusively with online audiences in mind, relying heavily on peer reviews and recommendations to validate their decisions. A whole new market may open up based on “Klout-boosting breaks”, filled with consciously feed-friendly moments;
* Cultural Purists will look at holidaymaking as a chance to immerse oneself in an alien – even uncomfortably so – culture, where enjoyment of the break depends on the authenticity of the experience;
* Ethical Travellers will make travel plans based on moral grounds, for example decreasing their carbon footprint or improving the lives of others. They will often improvise or add some element of volunteering, community development or eco-sustainable activity to their holidays;
* Simplicity Searchers will prefer bundled offers, seeking to avoid managing too many trip details themselves. Holidays for this tribe represent a rare time in life to pamper oneself with the assurance of their safety and enjoyment;
* Obligation Meeters will be driven by a specific purpose for travel, whether business or leisure, and thus have constraints on time and budget; they will seek smart algorithm based technology that is able to remove the hassle of travel;
* Reward Hunters are only interested in indulgent travel. Many have come to crave something that represents an extraordinary reward or ‘must have’ premium experience, a return on their hard earned investment of time and energy in their working lives.

So are you in one of the groups or have you been omitted?

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