What’s in a name?

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the colour and the smile might remain but Tui will be the new name

the colour and the smile might remain but Tui will be the new name

Gone with be such familiar travel names as Thomson, First Choice, Falcon Holidays to be replaced by Tui. Gone also will be Thomson Airways and Thomson Cruise.

The conglomerate that owns all these brands has decided that all will become Tui. It won’t only affect the brands in the UK and Ireland. Those in Scandinavia, Germany France and probably in all the countries in which the company operates will probably change as well.

It won’t happen immediately. It will take few years for it to come about and during those years, the existing brand names and the colours will be probably linked with the new name so that by the time the period is up then we will be familiar with both names and not be unconcerned when the old and trusted brand names disappear for good.

But how do we pronounce the name? Do we say “twee” or “touie” to rhyme with “Louie? The answer is that it doesn’t matter  to the com pany provided we still book in their travel agencies and still go on their holidays but will we? A new name can be seen as a new untried company by some people regardless of the heritage.

The company is the largest tour operator in the UK and the largest travel agency? Will this be the time for the smaller companies to nibble away at the existing businesses? Will we trust the new names and still give them our allegiance?

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