Greece for Labour, Ibiza for Tories

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no party seems to have chosen France as their holiday destination yet more Brits go there rather than almost anywhere else!

no party seems to have chosen France as their holiday destination yet more Brits go there rather than almost anywhere else!

On this election day, I thought I would look at rather a strange poll from Holiday Hypermarket which has matched overseas holiday destinations with voting allegiances or intentions.

They suggest that those supporting the Conservatives prefer holidaying in the Canaries and Ibiza; Labour voters prefer Greece; Liberal Democrats holiday at home but consider Italy, UKIP voters are likely to opt for Egypt  and the Greens go long haul which would make most people suspect the “green” views giving he carbon footprint they would have. Plaid Cymru and the SNP along with all the Northern Ireland parties don’t even get a look-in.

I’ve read the press release a few times and I still cannot see how they have managed this alignment and, quite frankly, it seems moonshine to me.

The 2,000 people interviewed might be just taking the Michael out of the pollsters. Would the Greens really go long haul and there twice as likely to visit the US as Labour and eight times more likely to visit Australia? Could it be they only interviewed Natalie Bennett the Australian born leader of the Greens? Or has she persuaded other Greens that they should visit Australia where the Greens have had influence for some time?

Why might Labour prefer Greece? And UKIP, Egypt? It all sounds odd. What has Labour not spotted in the Canaries that the Conservatives have? Why should the Liberal Democrats prefer to holiday at home? What can be read into the situation that their second preferred destination is Italy? Do they like it because Italy has a history of coalition governments? Does Labour prefer Greece because they want to spend more and reduce austerity hits just like the Greek government? Does UKIP prefer Egypt because there is a strong-minded government? What are Conservative inclined voters seeing in Ibiza rather than, say, the Algarve or Turkey?

From a different source comes diametrically opposing ideas on the same theme. Go-Euro – the travel search website says that 73% of Conservatives, 62% of Greens and 89% of UKIP supporters will stay in the UK this summer and a third of Labour supporters will holiday in Europe. The Liberal Democrats are equally split between staying at home and travelling abroad.

The more you look for explanations, the more confusing it gets. But then, tey are  only polls and polls can be contradictory. Today’s vote in the booths will show whether other polls have been correct or wide of the mark as well!

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