Rheingauer Schlemmerwoche

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over 100 vineyards in a few miles and with wine to sample

over 100 vineyards in a few miles and with wine to sample

Known by locals and by few other people the Rheingauer Schlemmerwoche (gourmet week) began last weekend and runs to the end of the bank holiday weekend.

My apologies for giving you such late notice but I only learned about it this week and before it slips into the mists of my memory, I thought I had better mention it now so that interested readers can plan ahead for next year.

This annual event is when over a hundred vineyards along the Rhine river in Germany from Lorch to Weisbaden open up the vintages, place bottles on trestle tables and allow anyone to sample whichever wines they like.

Sound a bit like a visit to any vineyard because isn’t what they largely all provide for visitors? It’s not usual though for them to allow you to sample every type of grape and mix. Usually you’ll get asked light or strong, sweet or dry, red or white and a selection would be made available. Here you can have them all if your liver can take it. Most of the wines are white reislings but there is a pinot noir from the Assmanshaus region which will be available for tasting as well.

The hosts are generous. Not only do they let you sample the wines but they provide some food as well to, ahem, assist the digestion! And they have doing for this for years which, to my disgust, I have never known about let alone visited.  And if you can’t make it this part of Germany in late April to very early May, then from May to October, the more typical tastings take place along with live music  available at many of the vineyards to make the visit more enjoyable.

So who knows of this offer I asked the local tourist people? Few it seems and they are mostly locals. The number of Brits visiting can be counted on the fingers of one hand and that is probably only due to the accidental fact that they were in the area at the same time.

Now how long would it take me to sample varieties from a hundred different vineyards?


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