New security at Gatwick

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the south terminal at Gatwick

At Gatwick they have introduced a different way of going through security.

Yes the automated first step is still here where a machine reads the barcode on your boarding card or mobile before you head to the check-in to check if your carrying sharp instruments or more than 100ml of liquids.

The new system is that instead one snaking line to put your items on the belt there are colour coded and numbered lines and you get directed there by one of the officers. This is supposed to speed things up but I’m not sure that it does. You can still get caught being an uninitiated passenger who has forgotten to remove keys or coins.

On the other side of security instead of their being a few metal seats where you can re=pack your bags there are table-top booths to where you can carry your tray and re-pack there. And there are lots of booths unlike the old days when there were just a few seats.

Now comes the real high-tech stuff! At the end of each area there is a flip-chart and you can write down your comments on the new system. No researcher with a clipboard, no machine with smiley faces just a flip-chart. Who would have thought in this technically advanced age that the things that attracts people to write is a flip-chart?

But it works. Forget for the moment that Wolfie is on his sixth trip to Las Vegas, most people like the new system comparing it unfavourably to Heathrow and Edinburgh. At least on the Sunday morning when I went through they liked it.

No pictures of the system, I’m afraid due to the usual restrictions on images in sensitive areas so I hope the descriptions above will be sufficient.

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