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Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle

Just about Travel has mentioned on more than one occasion that debt that visitors owe to volunteers. Largely unsung, these are the people responsible for keeping many of our tourist attractions open as governments both local and national turn the screws on public finances.

Organisations including, Historic Scotland, Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, Scottish Government, Archaeology Scotland and Scottish Civic Trust. in conjunction with the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation  has decide to reward volunteers. The Scottish Heritage Angel Awards – similar to the English Heritage Angel Awards – which acknowledge and celebrate the valuable contributions made to Scotland’s historic environment by volunteers or ‘Heritage Angels’, are now inviting entries from community groups and individuals and they have until the 30th of June to enter.

I usually find that volunteers don’t push themselves forward; they volunteers because they enjoy doing it so when you –as a visitor – walk around one of the Scottish heritage sites and are impressed by the efforts of a volunteer do suggest to them to put themselves forward. And, if necessary, put some friendly pressure on them to do so otherwise the winners may turn out to be worthy but not as worthy as those who prefer to keep quiet about the roll.

Funded by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, the Awards – the first of their kind in Scotland – will celebrate the significant role that is carried out by volunteers in helping to better understand, appreciate and protect Scotland’s heritage and history for current and future generations. This initiative will also support the delivery of the Historic Environment Strategy for Scotland – Our Place in Time, which places a strong focus on community participation and engagement in heritage.

Entries are being welcomed from volunteers, individuals and groups, involved in heritage projects of all scales, spanning the length and breadth of Scotland.

Maybe for that reason, people in Stirling will also have the opportunity to nominate an individual in recognition of their on-going commitment and dedication for the benefit of the wider historic environment but which should this be limited to Stirling?

The inaugural ceremony at which the awards will take place will be in Edinburgh, on Monday 28th September.  The site to visit to find out more is

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