Am I just an old fogey?

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annoyed and moaning

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I’ve just endured a train journey with a coach load of lads who drank, were in high spirits and were loud. Last time it was a hen party with ten girls drinking scotch and singing. They were at least as voluble as the lads.

One of their particular “games” was to go to the toilets at the end of the carriage in twos and threes as though they had entered some sort of competition to see how many people would fit in there.

The laughter was good humoured but noisy; the laughter was good tempered but raucous; the drinking seemed voluminous judging by the number of empty cans but was controlled.

Yet I found all of this annoying. I was trying to work, then catch up on Saturday’s papers and perhaps doze a bit but all of this was disrupted by the lads. Am I just a grumpy old man who finds this irritating or has weekend behaviour on trains got worse?

It always seems to happen to me. There I am in a train with eight coaches and they always seem to pick the on that I am in.  Surely there can’t be a group like this in every carriage. Shoukd In tell them to be a little less noisy? That seems a little churlish or am I just a coward?  I don’t see why I should move to get some peace but maybe I should have booked in the”quiet” coach!

There was, of course, no sign of a guard wandering through to check tickets. All he blathered on was about security announcements which, for all I know, could have been pre-recorded.

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