Heathrow helps the rest of the UK

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Heathrow Terminal 3

Heathrow Terminal 3 – a promotion for all passengers to travel elsewhere in the UK

I’ve mentioned once or twice in this column that Heathrow has been pulling all the stops out to persuade us that it is vital to the UK, the universe and life as we know it.

It has now confirmed that it will let six regions have £3 million worth of advertising space across all its five terminals. The airport maintains that the campaign seeks to increase foreign direct investment in Britain’s regions and “is a unique opportunity for the participating areas to showcase why they are open for business and great places to invest, work and live.”

The six participating city regions will each receive six weeks of advertising across digital platforms throughout all of Heathrow’s terminals, prime poster locations and exhibition space in arrivals halls.

The £3 million is a ratecard price, that is, the amount that the airport would receive if it managed to get the full price. But who pays the full price these days? The actual value will probably never be known.

The North East will be the first to feature when the campaign launches on the 18 May, followed by Northern Ireland, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff and Bristol. But why just six regions?  What of the south west or East Anglia? The Scots and Welsh could justifiably moan that once again, promotions are just linked to the very large cities and not the areas where more investment is needed.

Of course, this offer has nothing to do with its attempts to get an extra runway but is based on its community spirit for the rest of the UK. You will note that there is nothing in the areas where its two main rivals are – Gatwick and Manchester!


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