The Air Jump

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the Air Jump

the Air Jump

The first activity of its kind ever in England, a 16 metre (52ft) high jumping tower, dubbed the ‘Air Jump’ has opened at the Hilltop Outdoor Centre in Sheringham, North Norfolk.

For those who think 16 metres a little high, a large wooden structural tower will be in place to provide various height platforms for people to jump off, before free-falling into a giant air bag.  The varying heights include two fun level jumps at 4 metres (13ft) and 5 metres (16ft), three high adrenaline jumps at 7 metres (23ft), 8 metres (26ft) and 10 metres (33ft), as well as a 13 metre (43ft) jump planned for the near future for the most extreme adrenaline junky.

for bigger... and smaller "kids"

for bigger… and smaller “kids”

Think of this as a giant bouncy castle that adults can enjoy as well. Didn’t you always feel slightly envious when your kids could bounce up and down or slide and you couldn’t? Here’s your chance to enjoy things as well as the second image shows.

Oliver Read, Director at Hilltop Outdoor Centre said: “The idea for this new activity came from a family skiing trip where we first saw a giant air bag being used to practice big ski jumps but with the advantage of a safe landing. It was so much fun that it inspired us to bring something similar to Hilltop. We worked with a specialist company, Bag Jump, to create something unique for Hilltop’s customers, as we continue to develop our reputation as one of the UK’s most innovative outdoor educational centres.”

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