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cheching passports as we leave. How much extra time should we allow?

Checking passports as we leave. How much extra time should we allow?

From today, the eighth of April, is when passengers leaving the UK face passport checks.

The question everyone wants to know is how much extra time to allow on getting through airports, ports and some railway stations.

Will it be as it is in Germany or Italy where there are passport officers at each gate or like it is Australia where there is one giant passport checking area before you go through security checks? Whichever way is used you will need extra time to get though. Do you allow five minutes, fifteen or even more?

It could be that the delay to airline passengers will be nothing compared to those travelling by train or coach. If there are sixty people on a coach and there are a stream of coaches all  trying for the same ferry there may be long lines. Some Jeremiah’s amongst transport operators were talking of peak time queues over the summer of an hour. They must have been a little relieved when the Home Office announced last week that their passport checks would be phased in.

The decision means that, at least initially, 75% of coachloads of European passengers will travel without their passports being checked. It also means that only 20% of cars containing European passengers using Eurotunnel will face checks.

If those Jeremiah’s I mentioned earlier are right it will have a knock-on effect because the queues at the Eurostar terminals will stretch back onto the motorway potentially cause delays to non-overseas travellers as well. But there are other ports as well; Holyhead, Fishguard, Heysham, Southampton, Portsmouth, Stranraer and many others might be affected.

Most sensible people would trial an operation like this to get the bugs out of it before the system goes live


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