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Up to 1,000 mosse can be seen in Anchorage in winter

Up to 1,000 mosse can be seen in Anchorage in winter

This year, the city of Anchorage in Alaska celebrates its centenary.

It was founded when Ship Creek was chosen as a construction camp to build the Alaska Railroad. By the end of the year, a temporary settlement of tents gave way to the first wood frame structures along the streets which now make up downtown. Today, Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage, is a vibrant, eclectic metropolis with a frontier spirit, located in one of the world’s most spectacular settings embraced by six mountain ranges. From its roots as a railroad construction camp and tent city, Anchorage has grown to nearly 300,000 people with more than 95 languages spoken. Yet it is still home to 230 bird types and 53 mammal species.

To celebrate the centenary, Anchorage is hosting a whole host of events throughout the year. Of note is the “City Limits” exhibition taking place at Anchorage Museum running until 11 October 2015. Revealing how Anchorage’s population has changed through time to become the ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse community that it is today, the exhibition includes objects, artwork, historical images and rare maps from the museum’s permanent collection.

In the same museum, there is also an exhibition about Captain Cook and his voyage in 1778 to explore the continental coast in search of the long-sought-for Northwest Passage.

One house which was completed just before the end of 1915 stil stands as a museum today – the Oscar Anderson House  – which is where this early pioneer built a house for himself and his family. There are old buildings in the city but this is one of few that is open to the public.

Events start in earnest this month and continue right throughout the year although the actual centennial is on July the 10th.

Most people regard Alaska – and by inference, Anchorage, as a place for outdoor activities. Fishing, trekking, hunting and watching the wildlife. Within a few miles of the city you can find moose, bald eagles, brown and black bear, wolves, beluga whales, beavers and hundreds of different types of birds.

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