Easter in Dhookwin

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one of the few dhows and guides that link Dhookwin and Abu Dhabi

one of the very few dhows and guides that link Dhookwin and Abu Dhabi

The surprise Easter destination this year is the small Middle Eastern island of Dhookwin which can be found in the Persian Gulf.
Of the dozens of islands that can be found in the gulf that lay between Doha and Ras Al Khaimah, it lies not far away from the Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve, largest UNESCO designated marine biosphere reserve in the world, which is proving to be one of the attractions for visitors. The reserve, which is closed to the public so that the habitat is protected, has long been a target for visitors and the opening of Dhookwin which is just outside the reserve, allows them to see the sort of conditions that exist but without disturbing the marine flora and fauna.

But today’s demanding visitors want more than that so some of the wealthiest Arabic families formed a consortium a few years ago to construct Bedouin style tents but tents with a luxurious feel. Explained the spokesman for the families, Ekaf Hussein, “traditional Bedouin tents are two rooms and constructed of goat and camel hair woven on looms and stitched together. Instead of two rooms we have four of five so families and parties can experience the same sort of cultural feel that Bedouins experienced. As the tents can be put up quickly it doesn’t affect the environment and everything we take to Dhookwin we take away after the season ends.

The other big attraction for visitors is that the area contains the world’s second largest population of dugongs, those rarely seen relations of the manatee which are restricted to sea water.

For an unusual experience of a marine environment rarely available anywhere else in the world, a stay in Dhookwin doesn’t come cheap as there are a limited number of tents available in the short season which begins today. Costing from £7,000 for four days, (the maximum stay permitted by the authorities) flights are normally into Dubai or Abu Dhabi with a three day stay there and then a six hour transfer on dhows to the island.

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