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Anybody who has flown more than a few times has probably experienced, at best- delayed luggage – and, at worst, lost baggage. 22 million bags are lost every year. Whilst this is still a relatively small percentage of all those bags that  successfully travel with their owners that is no comfort to those that have lost their bags and, yes, I have been one of those.

Two recent products/services are available to passengers to reduce the likelihood of a missing bag so her is a summary of the two.

Eviate eTrack enables passengers to connect their suitcase to the Internet and the developers, FastTrack claim that theirs is the first solution that is linked to existing worldwide travel systems. As a result both the passenger and every airline worldwide knows where a bag is located. eTrack also sends the owner a message when the suitcase is on the baggage carousel, and whether it has been opened during the journey. But the system isn’t cheap – but then neither might be the cost of replacing lost items if your travel insurance doesn’t pay on your claim. There is an introductory price level of £71/€99/$104 until the product is launched in August. After that the price is £106

From Numinous Luggage comes a range of anti-theft luggage. There is a four- step security system preventing theft and loss of belongings whilst travelling. It has a four-stage security system, which needs no additional locks. It uses an anti-slash material which protects the user and their belongings from potential thieves cutting into the packs to remove belongings; anti-puncture zips and TSA accepted zipper locks to prevent thieves breaking into the packs through the zip and lastly there is a retractable wire lock which allows travellers to securely fix their packs to bunk beds or radiators in hostels or their train seats on a long journey. Launched in January last year, the initial products sold out the very same month. Now there is a range of four pieces of luggage for travellers.

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