The return of the old

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an old survey from an airlne no longer with us - Peach Air

an old survey from an airlne no longer with us – Peach Air

From our sister company comes a story that suggests this online age is coming up against some old-fashioned methods and losing. At least in travel.

Readers will know that our sister company processes customer satisfaction surveys that travellers and holidaymakers get given by tour operators, cruise companies and airlines, airports, destinations, rail companies and coaches. They have found that for the coming season, some well-known companies are rejecting the online, electronic surveys to return to paper surveys.

Why should this be the case?

It appears that fewer people, in comparison with those that complete paper surveys, are filling them in.  We seem to be put off completing them, maybe because we cannot see how long it might take or because it is more cumbersome or even due to the fact that an online survey doesn’t seem as tangible as a paper one. Whatever the reason, one well-known, up-market escorted tours company has decided to switch back to paper from electronic. As has one international airline.

Why should that matter to either us or the companies concerned?

Holidaymakers and travellers tend to point out problems only when they become major. For smaller issues, a comment on a survey is what they do. The companies concerned want those companies and act on them. Did you know, for example, that if you complete a survey on a cruise ship, that survey is electronically analysed and the results passed back to the company before the ship docks so that in the seven or eight hours it is in port all those little jobs like a leaky showerhead, a scuffed door or a less than spotless area can be mended, repaired and cleaned? Some tour operators hand out paper surveys but electronically send them to the UK so that they know within a day how customers rate their accommmodation, flights, excursions and customer service. Bonuses are paid to staff in resort as well as to suppliers based on what we say. If insufficient come back to rate a small hotel or a small destination, the company might wonder as to whether they should still use the hotel or holidays to the destination. Or even whether to keep that regional flight from your local airport continuing.

It matters to the companies that we complete these surveys. One even has the results in their annual accounts. Now they are scratching their heads and trying to work out why online surveys are not completed as well as paper ones are? Do readers have any ideas?





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