New York or Marrakech

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Much media coverage has been given to two TripAdvisor announcements listing the top 10 destinations in the UK and the top 10 worldwide.

“Experts” have been dragged in to say why New York doesn’t appear on the worldwide list and others to explain why Torquay is at the top in the UK but why Cambridge, St David’s and Jedburgh – to name just three – don’t appear anywhere.

The answer is simple yet, astonishingly, pundits and others don’t point out the fact. The results are only based on those people writing reviews on TripAdvisor. Since at least 50% of the world doesn’t use the site it is extraordinarily biased to just its own fans. It’s relevance to what really is the most popular destinations is about as far removed from reality as is Ben Nevis being re-calibrated to become the tallest mountain in the world!

Last year New York had over 56 million visitors last year. How could that not be in the top 10 when TripAdvisor listed Marrakech in Morocco as number one? I have nothing against Marrakesh; it is a place I would suggest everyone should visit but it doesn’t get within spitting distance of 56 million visitors.

So for all those tourism destination people pointing out successful they are, remember it has been decided by a small number of people in comparison to the number of people that travel. It has also been decided by the company’s algorithm that mashes the quantity of ratings (and I won’t even go nto the company y’s policing structure of reviews) together with the reviews.

Yes, the company has achieved its aim of getting publicity and seemingly being vital to tourism destinations but, in truth, it doesn’t reflect the world as it is, just the company’s own little patch of grass in the world.

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