The decline of relaxation

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Aphrodite Rock, Cyprus where you can relax. But can you get a signal for your mobile?

Aphrodite Rock, Cyprus where you can relax. But can you get a signal for your mobile?

If you believe research just released by the Cyprus Tourist Organisation (CTO), then we may be working harder on holidays than we may be when we are at our jobs!

The CTO says that almost one in five people admit that when on holiday they are too preoccupied uploading pictures and updating their status, rather than experiencing the holiday they are updating about.  If you aged between 16 and 44, that figure rises to one in three.

The CTO commissioned a survey to shine a light on the Brits’ attachment to their mobile devices and to understand why it can take time to switch-off from life back home, when on holiday. The results seem to show that millions are missing out on life as they rush to document their every move on social media.

Almost one in seven admit their holiday snaps now almost solely consist of selfies where it’s difficult to tell where they have even been, with more than a quarter of 16-44-year-olds admitting to doing this. What’s the point if you aren’t crowing about where you are holidaying and making your friends envious? Thankfully, half of those 16-44 year olds do upload photos to Facebook and Instagram to share their holiday with friends and family back home so the world still has some adherents to traditional holiday practices!

The use of the mobile to become an “entertainment” gadget rather than just a phone continues and 20% of us get frustrated when friends and family spend their whole holiday attached to their phones (this is the case even more so for women compared to men 25% vs 19%).

Yes, this research might have been used to advocate Cyprus as a holiday destination but what it really does is confirm that more and more of us are not really having a relaxing break but just diluting the benefits of a holiday because we have become fearful we might be missing something!

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