Sleeping at Helsinki airport

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Go pods open and closed

GoSleep pods open and closed

Which of us has never had a doze at an airport? Whilst whiling away the tedium of a three or four hour layover before our connecting flight leaves, which of us has not tried to sleep across a couple of seats by wedging arms and legs under the armrests? It might be OK if you are in first class and can use the lounges but most of us are still economy passengers.

Some of us are familiar with the pods in Japan where you have an enclosed area stacked on another a bit like the way you see container ships stacked – only more elegant!

A company called, Short Rest Solutions Ltd has developed what it calls, the GoSleep pod which is an ergonomic seat that can be turned into a bed. Each pod has a cover that eliminates light and protects customers from the noise and distraction of passers-by; they also have space beneath the seat to store hand luggage.

After a three-month trail, the pods are being introduced at Helsinki Airport in Finland for use by passengers.

Generally you are lucky to find enough seating at airports but to have a bed seems like bliss for those unlucky enough to have early morning flights and where the public transport packed up hours before.

Now if they will only introduce them a at major railway stations over here for when you have missed the last train, it’s been cancelled or you want peace and quiet from the hen and stag parties, squalling babies and those that have been out on the town, I’d be happy!

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