Pet passport changes

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dogs need holidays too!

dogs need holidays too!

New changes designed to improve the security and traceability of your pet came into effect on 29 December 2014. The changes include a new style pet passport with a unique passport number printed on every page, laminated strips designed to cover the pages with the pet’s details, microchip information, and all rabies vaccinations entries. The vet issuing the pet passport will also need to fill in their details on a new ‘Issuing of the passport’ page and must make sure that all their contact details are included when they certify vaccinations and treatments.

Existing passports remain valid for the lifetime of the pet or until all the treatment spaces have been filled.

If you travel with your pet in the EU you may be asked for your pet’s passport when entering another country.

All pets entering Britain on approved routes will continue to be checked by the carriers either prior to boarding, for rail or sea, or upon entry by air.

Your pet must be at least 12 weeks old before being vaccinated against rabies for the purposes of pet travel.

If you have more than five pets and wish to travel with them within the EU and/or return to the UK, unless you are going to a show or competition, you will need to comply with additional rules.

The main requirements of the scheme remain the same. All dogs, cats and ferrets travelling with their owner still require:

• micro-chipping

• a vaccination against rabies

• a blood test 30 days after vaccination if returning or travelling from an unlisted third country

• a pet passport issued by an authorised vet or third country certificate issued by an official vet

• a waiting period after primary vaccination and prior to travel:

– 21 days if travelling from another EU country or a listed third world country

• a waiting period following blood sampling

– 3 months if travelling from an unlisted third world country

• treatment against the EM tapeworm for dogs

Pet Travel Scheme Helpline:  0370 241 1710 Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm (closed Bank Holidays)

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