Sunday trains

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt has been a while since I travelled by train on a Sunday afternoon. I had forgotten how dreadful it is.

Travelling back to London, I caught a train from Swansea to Paddington. By the time we reached Bristol it was standing room only and the guard – sorry, conductor, was suggesting people pay an extra tenner and travel first class. The area given over to two wheelchair places was stacked high with luggage so that when a wheelchair user did join the train, it required quite a lot of movement and people wondering where luggage was supposed to be stored so that – in the words of the security announcement you could keep a close eye on it.

Have the train companies not yet appreciated that Sunday is a busy day on the trains? Do they still believe we live in Victorian times when people dutifully stayed at home? Not only is it a working day for some but many will be travelling back from weekends away but does that mean we have a busy train service. Yes it does, but only in terms of people. There are fewer trains. The half-hourly service in Cardiff on weekdays becomes an hourly service.

More than once person complained to their near-neighbour saying things like, “typical Sunday First Great Western service.” For all I know all other train operating companies are also considered in such low esteem on Sundays beset as those services often are by engineering works.

On the day that East Coast passed from public hands back into the consortium led by Virgin it would have been nice to think that the rail companies would realise that Sunday was a busy day and schedule services accordingly.

What a hope!

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