Nanuya Island in Fiji

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YasawaThe Yasawa Island ground – of which Nanuya is just one of twenty – are off the north west coast of the Fijian Islands. They are as you might dream of a south sea island; crystal clear waters with palm-fringed white sandy beaches, tempting lagoons and colourful coral reefs. That doesn’t tell you the whole story though of how the locals live and the amenities they have.

But on Nanuya, the new owners of the resort – an Australian couple called Val and Ivan Parker – are not your normal resort owners. For a start, money is not the motivation for their investment.   

Prior to taking ownership of Nanuya Island Resort, the Parkers have had a long history of involvement in many villages in the Yasawa Islands. They first discovered the island in 2002 and were surprised by the sub-standard living conditions. They bought a boat for the Malakati village so that their students could get to school each day without walking for over an hour, at times knee deep through water. They provided school shoes and daily meals for all of the students at Ratu Meli School for two years and funded power being supplied to 25 homes in Teci village, rebuilt the school there, and established a shop for the villagers to sell fresh fish and other supplies from in order to create an income for them. When the cyclone came through a couple of years ago they rebuilt the church at Kese village.

Now that they have bought the resort they plan on more developments which all seems to combine philanthropy and a business sense. Improvement plans include the construction of a purpose built jetty for guest arrivals and freight deliveries, refurbishment of all 12 existing bures, increased mooring buoys for visiting yachts and construction of the ‘Blue Lagoon Yacht Club’ which will be a combined dining and activities hub (incorporating diving and marine education) for the Blue Lagoon area open to all visitors to the area. Maintenance works are already underway throughout the resort including expansion of concreted pathways, commissioning of a multi stage waste and sewage water treatment plant and converting the entire resort’s energy use to solar power.

As I said, this is tourism with a modern, benevolent face.


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