Winter wonderland attractions

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reindeer in Lapland

Reindeer in Lapland; where the delivery does match the hype

What is there about winter wonderland attractions?

Firstly the one with which Laurence Llewellyn Bowen was associated  ran into visitor condemnation and had to close and re-open. Now one in Yorkshiret that was similar in approach has gone into liquidation leaving some booked visitors having to join the list of claimants at the liquidators. Am I too cynical in suggesting that people should be wary about this type of attraction? Is it coincidental that two have been slated for poor value for money? Then of course, there was a similar venture in the Milton Keynes area last year that was also branded a rip-off. In 2008, an Lapland attraction in Ringwood,Hampshire was closed after failing to deliver and the two brothers who owned it were gaoled in 2011.

The Magical Journey, at The Belfry Golf Club (the Llewellyn Bowen one) has closed down saying that a financial backer pulled out. Not so much “magic” seems to be involved when hard-sums were faced. Now those that had booked face a fight to get their money back.

Yorkshire’s Magical Winterland at the Yorkshire Event Centre which shut down had an even shorter life, lasting just three days. 15,000 advance tickets were sold. But local reviews of the attraction were less than kind, the views of parents who had taken their children to see it was less so and once tweets and Facebook comments had aired, people stayed away. Now the organisers are in liquidation and again, parents are joining a queue to get their money back

Entrepreneurs might want to stay clear of this type of winter money-maker in the future. And parents might want to be sure that the venture is secure financially and lives up to the hype.

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