When common sense goes walkabout

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United_Boeing_747_livery_2What is it about the “authorities” that when a problem occurs, all too often common sense can go out the window?

Last week, at Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport, debris was found on the runway causing two United Airline flights to be diverted to Canberra and Brisbane.

Although the runway closure lasted only about half-an-hour, because the fuel levels on these planes were running low, (why? Airlines are supposed to factor delays into their fuel loading) the planes were diverted.

But the flight diverted to Canberra, UA863, stayed there for eight hours.  (In Brisbane it was longer.) Passengers were stuck on the plane for most of the time. Why? Because “authorities” be it the airline, the airport or passport control failed to use the grey stuff between their ears.

The Canberra Times reported that neither passengers nor cabin crew were allowed off the plane for the first three hours. The flight crew had completed their allotted hours and a new crew had to be flow down from Sydney.

In all this time couldn’t someone have made the decision to allow passengers into a transit lounge? Tempers became, understandably, frayed yet the newspaper says, “A spokeswoman for Canberra Airport was unaware if passengers had been let off the plane but said it would be “highly unusual” for it to occur.”

Surely this incident was “highly unusual?”

Yet the delay didn’t encourage those in authority to let the people off the plane for quite some time. How nice of them then to send snacks and drinks as well as to sort out a blocked toilet! It would have been nicer to have treated passengers with more care and concern. One passenger called it inhumane. In this case, it does not seem an exaggerated claim.

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