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Spain – our most popular holiday destination

Compared to last year, in 2014 the number of foreign trips rose by three per cent, reaching a new record according to the ITB World Travel Trends Report, conducted by IPK International.

Therefore any country which saw tourism figures exceed that number was doing better than the average. The UK achieved that by a figure two thirds as high again. If nothing else, it suggests we are confident about spending our money and that money is destined for building on our ever increasing love of holidays. Next year might be a bumper one for tour operators of the trend continues, Will it be so good though for the domestic market? The IPK research doesn’t go into that side of things.

This year, source markets reporting a substantial increase in foreign trips included Switzerland (plus seven per cent), Denmark and Poland (both six per cent each), as well as Sweden, Spain and the UK, (all plus five per cent).

Spain aside, none of the most successful source markets belonged to the Eurozone which is a little surprising given that the euro depreciated against many currencies including sterling.

In 2014 long-distance travel was even more popular with Europeans. During the first eight months of this year the number of trips to Asia increased by seven per cent, those to North America and the Caribbean by six per cent, and trips by Europeans to South America and the Pacific grew by five per cent. Overall, foreign trips undertaken by Europeans are expected to rise by three per cent, which could herald another year of solid growth.

At plus seven per cent, we in the UK would appear to be among the fastest-growing source markets so expect more promotions from more destinations all anxious for our business. Come the boxing day, splurge by tour operations and tourist destinations, we’ll be able to judge which places want to see more of us visiting.

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