Paying APD for under 12’s

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Ryanair Business PlusAlthough the government announced that they would cancel air passenger duty for those under 12 from next May, Ryanair has announced that it will not charge APD to the age group from the 27th March.

Ryanair says that it is doing this as part of their “Family Extra” service, all part of the nicer, customer caring image that the airline is trying to foster. I could be churlish and say it was a shame the airline didn’t treat passengers in the old days with as much consideration but it would only sound like sour grapes. Refunding for those who have booked – or not charging for those that will –  is likely to cost Ryanair up to £2m, and is the latest in a series of customer experience improvements under Ryanair’s “Always Getting Better” programme.

That they have announced this is a boon for those parents taking children abroad during Easter holidays next year. It will make those trips a little bit cheaper and, by announcing this it does put their competitors – and tour operators – at a disadvantage.

Will they now follow suit and match Ryanair’s bonus to parents?

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