The busiest day on the London underground

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London underground

apart from rush hour, the tube or underground copes – most of the time

Last Friday was the busiest day ever on the London underground said Transport for London. (TfL.)

On that day the underground carried 4,725,000 passengers which, by my reckoning, is about 4,300 people per minute that the tube was running that day. It was only a fortnight earlier that the underground had its previous ever highest number of passengers carried in a single day.

The population of London is just under twice that daily record which goes to demonstrate that either half of the population of our capital city was on the tubes (the other half were on the buses?) or that London expands each day to include all those that come into London each day for work and for leisure including tourism.

Seeing the sights or having a day out for shopping, visiting museums or just walking along the embankments is something that is widely done but will this continue?

Some argue that London is too crowded, that the tube and bus network can’t cope with the numbers and that you can’t move for bikes and pedestrians. Some say that the average speed of the traffic in the central part of London is as slow as it was when the congestion charge was first introduced.

All these arguments are used to explain why they won’t visit London.

It’s all well and good trumpeting the fact that all these extra passengers are being moved but what people outside London want to know is that the transport system can cope with these numbers and more, that they can move arround freely and not feel as though they were playing sardines.

It’s bad enough that the prices charged are exorbitant compared to other major cities and that buying a bus ticket requires patience and endurance whilst, for those who have no idea on how to obtain an oyster card, that alone can be an education.

Not everyone is familiar with London to know that the infrastructure can cope – most of the time. Its time London stopped trumpeting its growth and reminded us provincials that all these extra visitors can travel easily without feeling as though London life was like an ants nest of congestion.

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