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Why is this child sticking its tongue out?

Why is this child sticking its tongue out?

It’s not often that the first thing you see is an image of a child sticking out its tongue at you. It’s not often that a child is obscured by a rather large lollipop either or that Darth Vader is a mediaeval looking knight.

All these images are from a small, free exhibition in London of modern art from the Dominican Republic which is being held at the Instituto Cevantes in Eaton Square in London.

I knew nothing about Dom Rep art before I saw these fewer than 40 works but if these are representative then the art is slightly anarchic, entertaining and downright fun in parts. Staid mediaeval or classical forms, this is not. Neither it is full of pallid colours because, as most Caribbean and South American art is, there is a vibrancy and colour about it.

Richard Moreta Castillo is the creator of the child sticking its tongue out at me. And, everybody else of course.  Working in Germany now, his training is as an architect which explains the drawings above the child. Is he now showing his disrespect for architecture or via the child? Who cares? The picture is as amusing to look at as are those by Juan Carlos Reyes of children but it is the lollipops dominate the eye.

Why is Darth Vader in the jungle? And near the Brandenburg gate?

Why is Darth Vader in the jungle? And near the Brandenburg gate?

But not all the images are amusing. There are some disturbing ones like the one by Ines Tolentino showing fire and an exploding bomb woven into her life along with Mickey Mouse. It sounds like a very violent and disturbing childhood as shown by another where a revolver has drawn lines connecting to sixteen faces. Are these people dead?

So this little exhibition provides much to think about but lots to enjoy. As I said, it is free and runs until 12th December. If you have an hour to spare and you are in the Victoria area of London, it’s worth a visit to see art that is quite different from what many of us expect.

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