Children under 12 won’t pay APD

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holidays may, just may, get cheaper if APD is removed from under 12's

So will just the adults pay APD in the future?

If the Daily Express is to be believed, Air Passenger Duty (APD) will not be paid on children under 12 when they travel.

Can we believe this?

The newspaper famed for its weather and Princess Di stories isn’t known as a bellwether for accuracy with those stories so is this likely to come to pass?

It says that David Cameron is in favour of the idea and that 33 MP’s (only about 5% of all members) have signed a motion demanding the tax be removed.

The headline coincides with the launch of “Scrap The Tax On Family Flights” campaign is being launched tomorrow. Am I too cynical in suggesting that this is a snappy headline for what is just the launch of a yet another campaign by the travel industry to get this tax removed?

Except this time someone has done some maths and worked out that cutting the tax for under 12’s would cost the treasury just £50 million. Peanuts in the wider scheme of things. But cancelling APD as a whole would cost at least £3 billion.

No I’m not suggesting that the government – or politicians generally – would curry favour with the electorate by seeming to help “hard-pressed” families by giving them this sop to make the government look caring but £50 million is not even a quarter of a new hospital. And it would get more headlines.

So this time, the Daily Express might be right!

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