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Minisiter for Tourism - Hisham Zaazou

Hisham Zaazou, not yet singing or dancing but he might if more Brits holiday in Egypt!

This was a comment made by Egypt’s Minister of Tourism, Mr. Hisham Zaazou, at the World Travel Market in London last week. What did he mean?

He meant that Egypt was launching new promotional marketing campaigns to entice us back to Cairo and the Nile, but more significantly, to the eastern Mediterranean coastline. For the Nile, the campaign is called ‘Magic of the Pharaohs’ and aims to attract us back to the cultural heritage of the region. It is this area that has suffered a large drop in visitors. The Red Sea destinations like Hurghada and Sharm have weathered the woes of the country remarkably well which may be why the Egyptians are talking of developing the eastern Med. Libya – before the fall of Gaddafi – talked of this and so have previous Egyptian tourism ministers seeing heritage link with places like Alamein and the pristine white sands that adorn the Mediterranean coastline. Will places like Sharm spring up there? Will this minister be able to deliver what others have been unable to do?

He is certainly more ebullient than many ministers who travelled to London last week. Comparing to many ministers revealed a man who was enthusiastic. In October he persuaded 1,000 visiting German tourist professionals to get up and dance as well as sing. He says that Jesus Christ was the first famous tourist to come to Europe followed someone called Thomas Cook. Since then millions of us have been to Egypt and he wants us back.

The Minister also highlighted a number of significant new cultural events, including the 110 year celebration of the discovery of the Nefertari Tomb, (where the 5,000 year old colours are still as bight today as they were then) the journey of the Holy Family in conjunction with global religious leaders, and the upcoming Aida Opera. The Aida Opera is being performed at the Pyramids on 16 December to announce the launch of a new Suez Canal project.

He also suggested that there would be announcements over the next weeks about new discoveries that have been found. These must relate to tombs and Egypt’s heritage. He will be hoping that they might help swell the same sort of excitement that has occurred every time a big Egyptian exhibition comes to the UK.  And that makes us want to holiday in Egypt.

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